We are thrilled to work closely with our growing list of partners and collaborators who help us offer our athletes the support and framing that they need and deserve. Together, we are working towards elevating esports within Canada and abroad.


GURU believes energy shouldn’t come at the expense of health. Which is why they are on a mission to clean up the energy drink industry, one can at a time.


Bud Light is a leading brand under the Labatt Breweries umbrella, one of Canada's founding companies and its main brewer. Enjoy responsibly.


Skullz is on a mission to provide the highest quality gear for gamers and esports teams, organizations, and affiliates in the industry.


Burny Média is a top tier service provider offering broad-based expertise for all video production, graphic and audiovisual design projects.


GINX Esports TV is Canada's only 24-hour esports channel, featuring live events, news and gaming lifestyle programming from around the world.


ES1 is the first TV network dedicated to esports in France. Following its launch, ES1 has been exported throughout the French-speaking world.


H4X offers esports active, loungewear and streetwear. They are defining the evolution of gaming lifestyle from the basement to the main stage.


Advanced SimRacing is the fastest-growing North American racing simulation chassis manufacturer and digital motorsport equipment retailer.


CarQuest works in close partnership with many major automotive suppliers and manufacturers to provide excellent products


eFuse is the online social space where gamers can discuss, find esports scholarships, join tournaments, and build their gaming portfolio.


Vantibyte provides modern tools for the modern broadcaster. Their solutions allow small broadcast teams to make high quality output.


The Virtual Guardians Foundation's mission is to be a beacon for people in distress and to promote the responsible use of digital technology.

Gamer Mentor

The Gamer Mentor is: framing, accompanying and coaching of video games. A Quebec-based mentoring and coaching program for teenage gamers.

Women in Games

Women in Games is a not for profit organization that seeks a games industry, culture and community free of gender discrimination.